Finding retro video games in Taipei, Taiwan

As a person who loves and collects retro video games I wanted to have a look at where to find those games when visiting Taipei, Taiwan this summer. As it is very hard to find recent information about that topic in general I decided to share my wisdom with you.

First of all: there are really not that many places to visit when you are looking for retro video games. They are also not easy to find. I had a visit at the area around Taipei Guanghua Digital Plaza which is an six-floor building located between Zhongzheng and Daan, mainly known for selling all kinds of electronics, gadgets and other hardware. In the area around you can find everything you need if you are interested in electricity and computers in general, mostly hidden in small stores with narrow staircases. You can reach the area by using the MRT blue line, exiting at the Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station and heading right. It is not as impressive as Akihabara in Tokyo but very satisfying though. The prices are like anywhere else, not cheaper.

Well, as it turned out there are not really retro-video games in that area, so I decided to have a further look at the Taipei main station which seems to be the only area with some stores selling really old stuff. Hint: these stores are mostly closed on saturdays.

The Taipei main station contains multiple mall areas in the basement below the train tracks. After searching for at least two hours I finally found the two sources of truth: two retro video game shops selling nearly everything you want. They are located in the so-called Y underground mall area which (who could think of anything else) mostly consists of shops selling more recent video games and clutter nobody really needs.

You can reach the area by following the signs until you get to the Y area of the Taipei underground mall. You find the shops around the Y22 area, close to the exit leading to the Taipei Taoyuan airport MRT exit.

There were games from nearly beginning of the video game era, development kits for the PSP, old consoles, Famicom disk change systems, mostly for reasonable prices in terms of the ordinary video games. Most of them were japan imports. I asked if I could take some photos in one shop and was granted permission.